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Terrazzo Paradise

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A photographic collection of the historic terrazzo entryways of Miami Beach.

Full site going live June 2020.

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In 2018 I noticed the floor of an entry at a new building on Lincoln Road. It was incredibly disappointing. It was messy, grey, broom-finished concrete on an otherwise beautiful building.

Because of this I decided to preserve and share (in photographs) the historic terrazzo entryways of Miami Beach that are still in existence.

I'm not saying that every existing entry should be saved or every new building entryway should have a terrazzo floor.

I'm suggesting that a little more thought should be put into these spaces. 

Our photographs cover most of the terrazzo-floored entryways South of Collins Canal, up Collins Ave and Indian Creek Drive to 44th street. I wasn't able to photograph all of Collins prior to the reopening. If you think I should add any in particular please let me know!


Please note that I have intentionally omitted terrazzo tile and any entries that have been recently built. 

These photographs were all taken in 2020. Most were taken during the pandemic shut-down. 

I'd like to thank my longtime associate and friend Melissa Bonfil Margules for her help, hard work and positive attitude. This website and project wouldn't have been possible without her. 

To wrap this up, here's a fun fact: The word "terrazzo" comes from the words for terrace and place of encounter. We love this. It underscores the idea that these spaces are truly places of encounter; they are thresholds; they are where the city meets our private worlds. 

Please enjoy and please share!


P.S. In the spirit of sharing, we plan to make high resolution RAW files available upon request. Please stay tuned for that and please stay tuned for when we post all of the content. Sign up for email alerts and fill out our visitor survey. Thank you!


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